Thanks to designers and glassblowers who compete ingenuity in their proposals and expand their range of glasses, stained glass now offers many possibilities of composition and effects: colors, patterns, reliefs, textures, dichroism or mirrors allow the reinvention of ancestral art in modern creations.


A veritable link between the “puzzle” of glass pieces formed by a stained glass, lead was the essential material of traditional creation. Nowaday, substitutes such as glue or brass replace it and bring a new vocabulary in the composition of a work.


All of these modern techniques thus make it possible to pave the way for stained glass in new applications by pushing its constraints. From now on, stained glass can be used for example as an ornament of a bottle of perfume or as the base of a collection of furniture. Our craftsmen offer you all their expertise in the use of these possibilities to realize with you your project of creation.